A Worthy New Year’s Resolution

Many people seem harbour an innate fear of therapy, kind of dreading the prospect of peering into the depths of their own feelings. The aversion to self-reflection often stems from a dualistic perspective on human nature — the fear of acknowledging the light and darkness coexisting within ourselves.

Life, by its very nature, is a dance of opposites, a delicate interplay of light and shadow. Our bodies mirror this duality with pairs of eyes, arms, legs, lungs, kidneys, and more. Each component is indispensable, and for our overall well-being, both must function optimally. Yet, when it comes to our inner selves, we find it challenging to accept this inherent duality.

Consider our physical counterparts; we diligently care for both eyes, both arms, and both legs to ensure their health. However, when it comes to the duality within, many of us neglect the darker aspects of our being. It’s as if we refuse to acknowledge that this part could be as illuminating as the brighter side. Imagine if we tended to this neglected part, transforming it into a beacon of light—a lighthouse guiding us through life’s tumultuous waters.

The refusal to care for our darker selves stems from the misconception that it is inherently negative. In truth, this aspect is only dark because we choose not to nurture it. If we were to extend the same care and attention, our inner selves could radiate positivity, providing direction and insight when needed. This newfound self-awareness empowers us to establish and maintaining boundaries, shielding ourselves from harm.

By neglecting this essential part of ourselves, we allow it to work against our best interests, generating emotions that remain unexplored and misunderstood. Reacting impulsively to these emotions can lead to counterproductive behaviours, ultimately causing harm to ourselves. Therapy, rather than a dreaded confrontation, becomes a means to understand and interpret these emotions, paving the way for healthier responses.

As the new year dawns, resolutions often revolve around denying oneself certain pleasures or adopting stringent routines. What if, instead, we embraced the opportunity for self-discovery? By turning on the light within, we gift ourselves the chance to shine through life authentically. It’s a resolution not of denial but of embracing the entirety of who we are.

In the end, regrets often stem from opportunities left untaken. Choosing self-discovery as a new year’s resolution is a commitment to much needed self-care, improving and allowing ourselves to radiate authenticity in every facet of life.

This renders life worth living in its duality.

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