Anxiety/Panic Attacks

A knot in the throat or a twist in our stomach, feeling hot and sweaty and sometimes even tearful. Ingeniously avoiding situations so we don’t have to feel that way. Enjoying life is a thing of the past; as anxiety expands, life shrinks!

Anxiety is a most wide-spread emotional issue that thousands of people have to cope with every day.

Under the spectrum of anxiety also fall the following: intimacy issues, nervous tics, insomnia/sleeping issues, depression, low self-confidence, anger issues. However, these issues which all have an element of anxiety at some level, stem from  a whole range of personal experiences, and treatment needs to be inclusive of working with these experiences so they can be processed correctly by the brain in order for therapy to be effective and long lasting.

If not resolved to its origin anxiety tends to spread easily in to every single fibre of ours and may become really hindering, preventing us from enjoying life in its simplest situations. And it is horrible trying to cope with it, because usually whatever method we try it is not efficient, let alone long lasting.

Some level of anxiety is normal when we face something new, but there is no need for it to pop up in everyday situations that many people can deal with easily and even enjoy them. When we have an even more challenging issue instead, we experiences free floating anxiety that gets triggered by different common situations, or may be felt like constantly present “in the background”, or in other cases still, it may seem like it just comes up from nowhere, when it’s least expected.

However there is always a reason as to why we are getting such symptoms and in most cases it is enough to work through previous anxiety triggering experiences to get rid of the problem, whereas in other instances we need to find out the original causing event that is securely stored away from awareness.

There are many ways anxiety can hinder our life but there is no need to put up with it and try our best at coping, in the hope that one day it will just disappear, because it won’t, and if left untreated anxiety will easily spread to affect the sufferer in many other ways and can easily turn in to panic attacks that take place anywhere and anytime.

Panic attacks are at the extreme of the spectrum of anxiety and they surface when we either have experienced a traumatic event or we haven’t resolved long outstanding free floating anxiety issues. In any case they are easily resolved with some work about past experiences and current feelings, and by building on self-esteem.

Remember: “Nothing is Impossible, the word itself says I’M POSSIBLE!”


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