Nervous Tics

Nervous tics are involuntary twitching of parts of the face or involuntary vocal sounds or even gestures that we feel a compulsion to carry out regularly, and we are mostly unaware of doing it.

In most instances, tics and twitches are harmless and temporary, and children are particularly prone to them, however they can be experienced by just anybody because they are caused by an overload of stress. Normally tics will stop in due course, as things settle down for the person. However they can be around for years and if the tic does not seem to disappear naturally within the space of a couple of months, there is a chance that it will stick around for years to come, and it is worth resolving the problem before it starts affecting the person’s self-confidence, giving rise to even more emotional issues, such as self-consciousness and anxiety.

Because tics become more pronounced under stress, stress management is given particular attention when working with this kind of issue. We will also work with the unconscious to replace the tic with a more inconspicuous gesture, and this can be a satisfactory and conclusive solution; however if managing the stress levels at present, and replacing the gesture shouldn’t be enough, it is important to work with the original stressor that initiated the tic. The stressor can be a one-time emotionally-impactful event or a series of such experiences that have been traumatising to the unconscious mind. This will need a more specialised trauma approached that will help the unconscious mind process the event/s correctly so that the trigger to the nervous tic is deactivated.

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