Multi-tasking throughout the day and trying to make everything fit in just over 12 hours! Doing your best to make everyone happy in work and at home; really feeling like you need a break but you actually don’t have time for a break either, because if you do, who is going to juggle all that for you, while you are on a break!

The only break you could afford is at night, yet when your head finally hits the pillow, your mind doesn’t seem to want to stop thinking; it’s like a buzzing sound in the background that you are unable to switch off, and no matter how hard you try to sleep, it seems to be the hardest thing in the world! Then, you start dreading the consequences of waking up tired the next morning and that keeps you awake even longer. There just seems to be no end to the spinning thoughts! If only, could you switch your mind off at the snap of a finger!

Other effects of stress are demotivation, procrastination, difficulty in taking decisions, being emotional or rapidly switching between moods; even people who normally are  calm and grounded can find it difficult to control their emotions.

All these kinds of issues stem from your brain not getting an adequate time to rest and recover.

Whereas the unconscious part of the mind is on 24/7, just like a machine, the conscious part of the mind (that performs logical thinking, planning and decision making) needs adequate rest, which is why a good night sleep is all important. Thus stress is not to be underestimated and it’s very important to learn to de-stress effectively in order to recharge the batteries, for a new day or for a new week.

When your brain loses the ability to rest adequately because it’s pushed to the extreme to perform for a lengthy time, it’s like a revved up machine that becomes difficult to stop, however, it’s not only sleep that gives your brain a chance to recover adequately from stress.

There are other activities that bring your brain to rest, without having to sleep. Giving a meaningful break to your brain can be as simple as taking a walk in nature, doing some gardening, or listening to relaxing music. This is common knowledge nowadays, that even doctors recommend to their patients when they think the issue has some psychological root, or is purely due to stress.

For an even more effective break, meditation is powerful, as it sends the brain into the alpha state that is where the brain starts to release stress from the nervous system, which is why meditation has been proven to improve resiliency to stress. However if you are not already familiar with meditation it might not be the best solution for you in the short term. There  is another way to access that all-beneficial Alpha state and even deeper.

De-stressing effectively is the key to prevent running into stress related issues, both physical and mental health-related and self-hypnosis is the most effective tool to do that as it sends your brain quickly into the Apha state, within a couple of minutes, or even a couple of seconds, once you are used to do some self-hypnosis. Not only, because self-hypnosis is that quick, your brain will keep slowing down and going deeper down the brainwave bandwidth, as far as reaching an almost sleep-like state, given it the necessary amount of time, which however shortens with practice. The sleep-like state is where the body starts repairing itself from issues caused by stress.

Self-hypnosis is easy to learn, and practising it regularly a couple of times a week is all it takes to build on naturally your resiliency to stress, so you will be less affected by it and it will be much easier for you to juggle your hectic life with thanks to a clearer mind.

Remember: “Nothing is Impossible, the word itself says I’M POSSIBLE!”


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