Please see how I can help you and your team combat stress (and not just managing it!), increase focus and motivation maximising their natural skills to achieve increased productivity and diminished absenteeism.

I am passionate about promoting and enabling personal empowerment and self development / improvement. I do this in my private practice enabling people get back on track in their life and/or achieve their goals to shape a better future and I can bring this to your company to increase motivation, focus and combat stress for maximising your employees’ potential and increasing their productivity.

The use of visualisation for increased performance and motivation has long been used and is well renowned especially in the sports scene where it is common daily practice for any serious athlete.

Go the extra mile for your employees to ensure a balanced work environment where they get the opportunity to also regularly distress deeply enabling them to build the resiliency necessary to juggle a fast-paced environment and the stress of everyday life with the increased bonus of a sharper focus and renewed motivation maximising their natural skills for increased productivity and diminished absenteeism.

Learning Mindfulness


Doorway To Freedom

  • 8 week step-by-step teaching course
  • Promoting insight into one’s own thoughts and behaviours
  • Access natural inner resources to harness impulsivity
  • Learn to make better choices
  • Handle and cope with stress better through increased resiliency
  • Material for incorporation of mindfulness in to daily life is included

Effective Stress Reduction through Mindfulness and Guided Meditation


Doorway To Freedom

    • 8+ weeks of effective stress reduction
    • Planned in a way to allow private resolution from challenging present and past experiences
    • Stress reduction process carried out privately without having to disclose the details of personal experiences
    • Handle and cope with stress better through increased resiliency


Stress Reduction & Peak Performance


Doorway To Freedom

    • Specifically designed for maximising productivity


    • Visualization coupled with stress release is a powerful combination for increasing motivation and achieving goals


  • This package can be tailored to include specifics related to the company business or team needs



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