Dissipate anxiety quickly

Welcome to another blog to make your life easier!  So today we are going to see how to rewire your brain to start dissipating anxiety and you can apply this to anger, frustration, any sort of discomfort that you may be going through. The most important thing and the foundation of any type of psychological work is to become more mindful.


I will talk more in detail about mindfulness in a specific blog and for the ones of you who really have never heard about being more mindful, that means to just stop, put your attention on your breath, and simply tune in to see how you’re feeling right now, at this moment in time.

Once you start doing this and you do it more and more in your daily life, you will be able to start becoming aware of the cues from the environment that trigger you.

Once you become aware of a cue that can trigger you, you can just  stop and redirect your focus.  That’s why tuning in is the foundation work of any kind of psychological work, and it’s the basis to improve your life.

Once you become aware that you’ve been triggered, just stop there, stop it, take a deep breath and redirect your focus.

So the idea is that instead of reacting on your trigger,  you just stop, take a breath, and taking a breath will be the actual act of stopping for you, and you just shift your focus onto something else, whether you focus on something else in the environment, or whether you think about something else, something that you have to do or that you did, It doesn’t matter, just take your focus away from being triggered, from your inner discomfort.

And that will do the trick for you.


Disclaimer: I’m not saying that it will work like magic, but it does work, you just have to practice it.

This is a technique and as such it needs to be practiced. And ideally, if you practice it at least twice a day for at least two weeks, you will definitely see some improvement.

So let me know if you try this technique. Let me know if you find it beneficial, becoming more mindful in your everyday life and coming off that famous automated pilot.

Remember: ‘Nothing is Impossible, the word itself says I’m Possible!’

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