Freedom starts with Self-Awareness

Self-Awareness is the first step to changing what you don’t want in your life, however self-awareness alone is not enough, it’s only a very first step.

Self-Awareness needs to be followed by action and that’s where most people get a bit lost and may need some help.

Yet some other people choose inaction as they have a fixed view of themselves and often because they can’t see a way of changing, they think of themselves of having a certain type of personality which is fixed because defined by their genes.
For the great majority though inaction is dictated by fear, fear of change, fear of the unknown.
We are hard-wired with a fear of the unknown as that’s what has allowed the species to continue, because for thousands of year life conditions were extreme and the world was not a very safe place to be.
However in today’s world which is the safest it’s ever been the fear of the unknown keeps us stuck with unwanted behaviours and unwanted effects and results. In today’s world’s we can safely say that Fear is the enemy no. 1 of Life as it keeps us from expanding and achieve what we want.

Going back to taking action, all we need to do is take 100% responsibility for our life, for our choices and life will improve, guaranteed.
Only you can decide to get more of what you want, by letting go of what you don’t want; but letting go can sometimes be more difficult than anything else in this life and it’s worth getting all the help you can with that.

Taking 100 % responsibility for your life means to invest in yourself, the same way you would invest in someone you care about and you would naturally do anything to see them flourish, so why not love yourself enough to do it for yourself ?

If there are any guarantees in life one of them is that you will not regret investing in yourself because it makes you grow as a person and this will allow you to move forward, even fast-forward, towards what you want more of. Better mental health, better relationships, starting with the relationship with yourself, better career, simply more abundance in your life, what’s worth more than that?

And yes, you can invest more in yourself even if you have family and you may feel that’s selfish to do, or you don’t really have the time to.
All of that is understandable but you can still find a way to invest in yourself more as that will help the people in your life enjoy you more and in turn you get back more from them.

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