End of Life

Facing an illness or the end of one’s journey in life is a difficult and daunting experience, as nothing can prepare us  and the people around us to face such a time, which is bound to bring to mind challenging questions on the meaning of life and of one’s existence. It is bound to make the person face his/her own self and the way they have lived life until that moment which may trigger regret, anger and frustration, and the inability to change things can magnify the fear of what is going to happen next depending on one’s own beliefs of the afterlife.

We often hear that any experience in life happens for a reason. The reason being to learn a lesson from it, and that until we learn the lesson, we will find ourselves going through similar experiences over and over again, until we learn the lesson.

Facing an illness or the end of one’s journey in life is definitely one of the most core-shaking experiences, and as such the lesson to be learnt must life-changing as well. This might sound hypocritical, if someone is facing the end of life, however we must keep in mind that a diagnosis of a serious illness does not necessarily mean that the end will come within a matter of weeks. It can be many months or even a couple of years and if we can learn the lesson sooner rather than later we will be able to spend the rest of our lives in peace. Reaching peacefulness inside means that we can be mindful of every single moment of our time and thoroughly enjoy it, thus making the most out of life, to the very end.

Being distracted is the no. one problem in the western world. There are several article and videos on the net, from nurses that assist people during their last moments of life and they have had the privilege to hear the last words of the people in their care. Over and over again, the topic has come up that what people most regret is having spent their life distracted, by work, by TV, by mobile phones, by accumulating money, by never being content, obviously at the expense of quality time with the people they love.

This suggests that learning the lesson behind the illness or diagnosis sooner than later is all important as it can make all the difference.

Using hypnosis makes for a unique and powerful kind of therapy by bringing the mind to a peaceful state of acceptance of what cannot be changed.

In the case of facing illness or the end one’s journey in life, working with the unconscious mind we can bring perspective on the way we understands life by questioning reality as we intend it, and by finding the meaning of life and of our journey on this planet.

For those who are to accompany someone on this difficult journey, it is important that they can get help to deal with the anxiety and get assistance in getting through the stages of bereavement, ensuring the person affected can go back to a balanced life within a reasonable time-frame.

Remember: “Nothing is Impossible, the word itself says I’M POSSIBLE!”


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