Have you ever wished upon a star?

And maybe soon afterwards told yourself that dreams only seem to come true for others…

Or maybe you heard that little voice inside your head reminding you that happiness is in the small things of everyday life…

Well I believe it’s true, but nothing stops you form going for that dream that you always thought one day you will have a go at… but wait a moment, you still haven’t tried?

I hope you are at least planning to how to go about trying! Because time ticks away and although it is a human conception well, we cannot deny that our strengths and focus become less and less with time; and not only, the longer we leave something sitting, the longer it will remain sitting, be it because we don’t know how to go about it or we just feel deep down it’s “only” a dream, and anyway it’s in “our plans” so we know that “sooner or later” we will get to it!

Well let me tell you and apologies for being a bit blunt, but they are all excuses!

And do you know what is the worst about it? They are all excuses that we give to ourselves! Hold on a minute, we are actually deceiving ourselves, we are deceiving our True Selves (the One who’s still holding on to that dream!) and for what?

To comply with society who dictates that you have to work 40 hours a week, always look top notch, the house always in pristine conditions and whatever is leftover of the week just spending it mindlessly with family and friends always in a hurry to do this and that and then all of a sudden it’s all over and in a few hours you are going to wake up and it’s Monday again, Oh No, Not Again!!!!

And how old are you now? I know, I’m not supposed to ask this, I’m not asking you, but do ask yourself… and what happened to that little dream of yours, that little project of yours? Maybe yours was an actual dream and as such it would be a big, huge project to put together! Yes, I hear you, but if you don’t start doing something about it now, you might regret it soon enough, because years go by like weeks and there will come a moment when we will look back and realise that now it’s really too late to start  that project, maybe ill health will be in the way, touch wood, maybe we will be even busier with anything else, looking after grandchildren (and for some reason you end up with more grandchildren than you had children of your own!) and God knows what else, taking on more and more to make ourselves feel good and look good to others eyes, and time keeps ticking away, getting shorter and shorter!

How about starting today to listen to that little voice that is still hanging on to that dream? Why do we just keep dismissing it like if it wasn’t important, sure if it wasn’t important we probably would have forgotten about it at this stage! But we haven’t!

So it’s time to take time out for ourselves and stat listening to our True Selves because we do deserve the best indeed, each and every single one of us!

And the truth is, each and every one of us are responsible for ensuring that we are happy and responsible for implementing and improving our happiness regularly.

So whatever your dream is, start taking time out to become mindful of it. And I am sure you will find out many other things about yourself, you will be surprised!

Implementing a project in order to realize a dream takes time and we need to start from the foundation in order to build upon it. And the foundation must be strong, the bigger the project, the stronger the foundation shall be.

Learning and practising mindfulness will do just that, give you strong foundation to understand what you want and how to go about it.

No more wishing upon a star!

Remember: “Nothing is Impossible, the word itself says I’M POSSIBLE!”

If this resonates with you please feel free to contact me, I am always available for a chat.

All the best



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