How much courage have you got?

How many times have you stopped yourself from doing something because it feels uncomfortable?

This is what happens every time we step outside of our comfort zone, whether that’s a job interview, dating, or giving a public speech. For some is as uncomfortable to mix with new people, or go somewhere crowded.

Yet if you let yourself step back on the base of that momentary uncomfortable feeling your life will shrink and become less and less interesting because you stop growing, you stop learning anything you and therefore you are not expanding, which is the whole point of this life journey.

People who are successful in life simply don’t let that feeling stop them from doing what they want to do or know it’s good for them to do, they push through being uncomfortable until they stop being uncomfortable doing whatever that is. This is courage.

The issue is that as push yourself through that feeling, it gets stronger in an effort to get you back to your safety zone, which is why many can’t bring themselves to push through.

If you’re experiencing this in same area of your life there is a simple way for you to still get to push through. Do it gradually, but not physically gradually, but using your mind to future pace yourself in the situation and visualise yourself going through with your plan despite the feeling you get.

Latest science research shows that rehearsing in your mind is nearly as good as rehearsing in reality. And the reason why is simple: your unconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between reality and imagination, so why not take full advantage of this skill of yours to achieve the goals that you want?


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