How’s anxiety showing up in your life?

It’s interesting in how many ways anxiety can show up in our lives, in fact it’s not even static, meaning that it can show up as a knot in the throat as a child and now instead, 20-30 years later even you experience it as a simple overwhelm or IBS or panicky feelings at job interviews, or when needing to give a speech, or for some even when going out socialising. Even procrastination is fear based believe it or not.

And anxiety can hit anyone and at any stage, people who seems to have everything can be secretly battling with anxiety every day.

I did a course a few years ago on the onset of the pandemic and the creator is a millionaire who struggled with anxiety for a whopping 8 years!

Not only he’s a millionaire, he’s got a beautiful marriage and family – one module of the course was how to make relationships and marriage work and another one was about parenting among the others.

So emotions really don’t make any differences, as the saying goes ‘everyone has their demons’ however it did make me think how it could have been for someone of that calibre who was probably thinking he was doing pretty well in life, to be crippled by anxiety for that long.

One day he couldn’t get out of bed to face his day and it was a couple of months before actually could even get out of bed at all. Now that’s crippling!

The sad thing is how little awareness there is on how fairly easily anxiety can be shifted. All it takes it to use the deeper mind to shift it as opposed to use the cognitive part of the mind. Because the unconscious mind is the seat of our emotions and so there is no point in only using the conscious, cognitive part it, we would be talking to deaf ears.

Some strategies work better than others but if you are tired of looking for an answer because nothing has really worked too well then you are in the right place.

I’m always available for a complimentary call to see how I can help you get your life back on track.

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