Most Common Questions About Hypnosis Answered-Part 3

Today I’m going through another 2 of the most popular questions about Hypnosis:

1. Will I be asleep during hypnosis?

2. Will I remember of a past life during hypnosis?

Hello, and welcome to another video by doorway To Freedom. My name is Penelope and I’m a hypno- psychotherapist. And this video is the third video of the series ‘Most common questions answered about hypnosis’. You will find the link to the other two videos down below and at the end. And we just go ahead with another two questions today in just a few moments.

So our first question today is: ‘During a hypnosis session, am I asleep?’ This is similar to another question that I answered in another video. That was, ‘Am I aware when I am in hypnosis?’ So to put it shortly, you are not asleep. You do not go unconscious because you’re not asleep and you’re not dead. And ‘will you be aware?’ Yes, you will be aware. So ‘will I be asleep when in hypnosis’, the answer is no, you don’t go asleep. Although you can go very deep in a trance and it kind of borders with the sleep state. So what happens is you can easily fall asleep in hypnosis if you go very deep into trance.

So as I explained in another video that you might want to check out, I will put the link into the description below as well, there are different levels of trance: it depends on the brain activity, the amount of electricity that the brain produces, and as the brain activity slows down, which means we are relaxing, we start going into trance and the deeper we relax, the deeper the trance state will be, which is basically what happens when we go to sleep.

We go to sleep at night, but it’s not like we close our eyes, or we get into bed and off we go to sleep. No first you just relax. And then as you relax deeper and deeper at some stage you fall asleep, and it’s the same in a trance. If you keep relaxing, deeper and deeper, you would go off to sleep. However, if you are having a therapy session, the therapist will be talking to you, so you’re unlikely to go asleep. It happens easier if you’re listening to a hypnosis recording or visualization, or a guided meditation.

However, what can easily happen, and that is especially true if you are a snorer, is that you might start snoring. And the interesting thing about that is that, you will hear yourself snoring. So what does that tell you? It tells you that one part of the brain is, if not asleep, heavily relaxed, but the other part of the brain is very alert and aware. So if you hear yourself snoring, at any stage during whatever hypnotherapy session you’re doing, don’t worry about it, don’t bring yourself back out of trance. Just know that you are in a deep trance and therefore you’re doing a great job!

And our second question today is: ‘Do you have hypnosis, will I remember of a past life?’ Now hypnosis is definitely associated to past life regression, however, unless someone comes to me and says ‘I want to do a past life regression, I want to explore a past life’ I will not do past life regression with them.

It’s true that you’re going to look for memories to resolve whatever issues and that is called ‘age regression’. It’s not ‘past life regression’. So we are staying in the real lifetime of a person, just looking for emotionally charged memories so that we can discharge the emotion and work with the memory of the event in a way to rewire the brain of the person so that this past experience will not have an emotion charge to it anymore. They would be able to just remember the event and just see it as a neutral event. Of course, consciously you will know that it was a bad thing, but there won’t be any bad emotions attached to it and therefore the suffering stops. So unless someone asks me for past life regression, we’re not doing that. And therefore in the great majority of cases, the person will not explore a past life.

However, it is true that sometimes the person naturally goes into a past life during therapy. And this is to reiterate the way the unconscious mind works. Once it’s under the guidance of someone who knows how to work with your unconscious mind, your unconscious mind will work away in its own way to resolve the issue that needs to resolve, because don’t forget, it’s the unconscious mind that is trying to catch your attention for something to be resolved. It’s the unconscious mind that creates the feelings and therefore, if you have anxiety, it’s your unconscious mind trying to catch your attention, your conscious attention, your awareness, that there is something wrong that needs to be resolved. However, out of hundreds of clients that I’ve seen, it’s only happened definitely two, maybe three times that a client in front of me has spontaneously gone into past life regression. And this only happens usually when I do hypno-analysis, which is a longer type of therapy from traditional hypnotherapy, it goes on for a few sessions, and therefore the unconscious mind has time to go through the great majority of issues of a whole lifetime.

So this is it for today. I hope you enjoyed this video. If so, please give it a thumbs up and share it. Feel free to comment, if you have any comments, ask me questions that you would like me to answer, and I will make sure I will answer them for you. Thank you for watching once again, and I’ll see you on my next video.


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