Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is often seen like something magical and with good reasons! One of this being the lack of complete explanation of how the mind works during hypnosis.

PLRs can be a guided experience but may also happen spontaneously during therapy.  Whether solicited or not a PLR is often a metaphor or fantasy which is put together by the subconscious mind simply to enable resolution of an issue or symptom in the form of understanding and acceptance of a certain bothering even or even simply the understanding one’s own general life experience.

During hypnosis the mind pulls out memories of experiences related to the suggestions given by the hypnotherapist that are to enable positive changes in us and this happens by putting together memories and imagination in a way that makes the us gain insight about our symptom, about ourselves and our past experiences.

Despite most of PLR being a creation of the subconscious mind there have been studies that have proven that in certain PLRs the subconscious mind tapped in to previous lives’ memories however this would not be the norm and it is not something that we have to necessarily believe!  The fact remains that PLR is always an incredible experience as our mind is transported in to another time and place and it is literally like being there and then and the insights that come from this kind of experiences are always amazing!

Before starting PLR we can set the intention to have a specific issue resolved or it can be carried out with a general intention of healing and without a doubt the subconscious mind will do what is supposed to do!

Remember: “Nothing is Impossible, the word itself says I’M POSSIBLE!”


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