“Today I Have to do this and this and this and I better start doing that, that I should have started last week…” This kind of thought is what pops up into our mind earlish in the morning if not as soon as we get up however days and weeks go by and probably only one or two of those items on our To-Do list have been ticked off. Until it is impossible to avoid doing that task which but then we have a real issue because now we have a limited amount of time available and so we set to doing it against our will and the chances of that being given the attention it deserves is very low with obvious results of lower quality than planned and probably resulting in being exhausted mentally and physically from rushing especially when a few deadlines are close to one another.

Why is it that the harder we try to do what we are supposed to do the easier we give in and do something more pleasurable instead?

The reason is that the subconscious mind operates through the Pleasure principle and because the subconscious mind is many times more powerful than our conscious mind (the will-power) we inevitably do things that bring us pleasure rather than anything else.

In some cases putting off doing things often hides a fear of failure masked by what comes across as laziness whereas the issue that needs attention is low self-esteem.

Resolving any possible self-esteem issues first and then visualising having reached the goal and the feelings associated with it will empower any procrastinator to take the reins of their life in their hands and be proactive about it.

Working with the subconscious mind is central to hypnotherapy so you are bound to get the results

Remember: “Nothing is Impossible, the word itself says I’M POSSIBLE!”


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