Time for a Personal Growth Quote! 11 Jun 20

Again, that’s why there are no bad people. That’s why the person who makes a bad action does not realize the consequences it may cause in the receiver.

He or she could not possibly realize because the consequences depend on the receiver’s interpretation of the experience.
Interpretation of experience is ALWAYS unconscious and depends on previous experiences.

Which is why the same thing said or done to two different people gets different reactions.
Even the worst kind of behaviour is received differently by different people; some people find a way to come to terms with it, maybe with help, and some people can never get over it, with further consequences

This means that no matter what has happened to us in life, each and everyone of us is responsible for taking charge of our own well-being.
We cannot control others’ behaviour, only our interpretation of things and as a result our reactions.

The good news is that we can change our interpretation of past experiences, so that we can find peace inside and move on, start a new chapter on a clear slate and this can be done much more easily than you think

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