Time for a Personal Growth Quote! 10 Jul 20

I can’t say I ever thought of life in such terms, however if it’s true that we have power of choice, it is also true that every choice entails a trade-off!

The thing is that most of the choices we make are unconscious, because our behaviour is dictated by our emotions.

This is why it is so much easier to reach for something sweet, rather than for a piece of fruit as a snack.

It is so much easier to reach for a cigarette, when we are stressed, rather than pause, take a deep breath, feeling our stress-response and let it go with our out-breath.

It is much easier to give in to anxiety and stay in the shadow, instead of stopping for a moment and make a reality-check of the actual situation vs our own response to it, and see that our response is not the actual situation, and is disproportionate.

It is so much easier to give in to anger instead of counting to ten and investigate what is the fear underlining the anger, that triggers our anger.

Yet all our reactions are also choices (unconscious), and each and everyone of them is a trade-off.

So, let’s start thinking which of our unconscious choices are worth the trade-off, for example:

Is yet another cigarette worth trading off with the health of your lungs, which enable you breathing effortlessly and be fit?

Is yet another biscuit, or piece of cake, hamburger, glass of soda worth trading off with a beautiful, sexy, perfectly functioning, powerful body?

Is staying in the shadow because of your inadequacy feelings worth trading off a life full of experiences and adventure, to enable your growth, which is what makes life worth living?

Is giving into your anger worth trading off yet another relationship, the relationship with your kids, with your partner or with you manager at work?

Start today making conscious what is unconscious, it’s the ONLY way to move closer to your wishes. By starting to make conscious what is unconscious your wishes become your goals and are fully attainable!

Remember: Nothing is Impossible, the word itself says I’m Possible!

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