Time for a Personal Growth Quote! 16 Jun 20

That’s the whole point in life: make mistakes, learn and find the motivation to carry on, whether on the same line or changing direction completely.

Sometimes though after certain experiences, a glitch forms in the brain due to trauma.
The glitch keeps you in a negative loop re-enacting the same self-sabotaging behaviour over and over again, and prevents you from really get unstuck and move on in a particular area and in a particular direction in your life

Trauma is an unprocessed experience caused by feelings of being out of control, when the event took place; we felt that we didn’t have the resources to cope with the situation.

Trauma is much more wide spread than we like to think, simply because it cannot be processed cognitively, and as a result children are easily traumatized.
Their brain is not developed enough to cope with challenging situations and therefore are easily scarred by situations that an adult wouldn’t think of as traumatic.

Trauma is at the base of a wide variety of issues, from “lighter” ones such as low self-confidence or procrastination to “heavier” ones such as depression or personality disorders.

Unfortunately trauma is often mistreated either with medication or with endless talk therapy, which doesn’t really get to the core issue because the work is done cognitively, whereas trauma affects another part of the brain, namely the unconscious mind.

Which is why hypnotherapy helps you to achieve your goals easily, no matter what they are and no matter where you are at now, so you get unstuck and find the motivation you have been lacking to move forward in your life.

Please contact me to see how I may be able to help you.

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