Time for a Personal Growth Quote! 18 Jun 20

Always remember that!

How does a child learn to run?
Does she go from crawling to running? Of course not!

Actually a baby can’t even crawl until her body is strong enough to to do that, and once she’s been crawling for a while and her body has become even stronger, she will have the instinct to pull herself up to stand to mimic her family members.

Is that a smooth process? No, of course not, she falls flat on her face a few times, bumps her head off corners and so on until she learns all there is to learn about balance and putting one foot ahead of the other one to get further from where she is right now.

And then she will learn to run, tripping over things in her way, and even tripping over her own feet at the beginning.

And do you know the great thing about a child?
Once she overcomes the challenges and mastered the action she will strongly want to take on another challenge, looking up at the people who already can do that and under their guidance she will go ahead and learn something new.

This process is obviously slowed down as the child grows and takes on bigger challenges, such as hobbies, where she has to learn to train for much longer and persevere in the face of adversities to achieve mastery, yet the satisfaction that comes with achieving bigger goals in life has no equal!

So, every time you feel like quitting, just put things into perspective and keep going!

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