Time for a Personal Growth Quote! 23 Jun 20

For you to be able to achieve something you must first create it in your mind, just as everything.

But that’s not enough. You must believe in it. Believing is something that happens in your heart, in your unconscious mind, the deeper part of yourself.
If you can believe it, you will be able to conceive it and achieve it.

Unfortunately negative beliefs (all unconscious) about yourself and the world, prevent you from believing in something you actually really want.

This creates a dis-alignment between your mind and your heart (the conscious mind and the unconscious mind) and it’s what keeps you sabotaging yourself, or what keeps things from happening in your favour.
It’s like rowing against the flow of the ocean, which is why life can be such a struggle at times!

But it does not have to be like this; you can use your unconscious mind to work for you, by releasing the negative beliefs that you learnt a long time ago and today don’t serve any purpose anymore, in fact they just create problems.

Remember? Every action has a positive intention; this is how the unconscious mind works, so your negative beliefs are still harbouring in you for a reason, with good intentions.

You just need a hand in letting go of them so you can have the ocean push you in the right direction and you will be able to achieve your goals easily, much more easily than you previously thought possible.

To find out how I can help you, contact me at info@doorwaytofreedom.ie, I’ll be glad to assist you in your journey.

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