Time for a Personal Growth Quote! 24 Jul 20

This is almost common knowledge at this stage, unless you are very young and only starting to learn about life!

However breakthroughs only happen if you refuse to let the breakdown break you totally, if you allow yourself to get stuck in victim mode.

It’s easy to fall into victim mode when things don’t go the way we expected, yet you must take action because it’s only by taking action that you will be able to break through.
Your action might go against the beaten path or other people recommendations, but the bolder the action the bigger the breakthrough!

I suffered with depression for over 35 years, yet I never thought of myself as ill; seriously, someone ill wouldn’t be able to build a life abroad and completely change their career successfully.

This doesn’t mean I never was in the victim mode loop, I was there many times, yet I was actively looking to get better by improving and developing myself, reading books, taking courses, and the opportunity for me to break through arrived with learning about hypnotherapy and experimenting its power on my skin, actually on my soul.

We are all on a different journey and you may have broken through in many different ways, which I would love to hear about in the comments below; let’s our voices be heard so people who think there is no solution will find hope and start come off the victim mode loop.

Remember, each and everyone of us has the power to change lives by sharing their experience!

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