Time for a Personal Growth Quote! 26 Jun 20

Think of your life, area by area.
Can you recognize a pattern in a particular area?

Honestly, we all go through times where things don’t seem to move on, but can you identify a situation that seems to have always played out wrong throughout your life?

If so, the reason behind that is, that you keep repeating the same actions, which will always give you the same result.
Needless to say that you need to change your actions to produce different results.

Often we don’t even see what are the actions that produce that kind of result, and the reason being is that behavioural patterns are imprints in our mind that are formed in our infancy.
As a result we have always behaved a certain way in response to a particular stimulus and as such we always get the same result, yet because we have always behaved that way we fail to see how it is our particular actions that produce the same negative result.

Which is why all too often trying to change our behaviour is so hard.
Imprints are beliefs held in the deeper part of ourselves, our unconscious mind, and are very hard to be changed just with will-power. It’s like rowing against the ocean in full force!

But by accessing your unconscious mind we can easily change your imprint belief that served a purpose when it was created, but it’s now causing you more harm than not, just like in the example of stop smoking or weight-loss, although you could recognize any sort of behavioural pattern that is preventing you to enjoy life to the fullest, anxiety, shyness, low self-confidence, depression, phobias, insomnia, a sense of failure etc.

Change is possible indeed, and it’s easier than you think.
Way too often we just wait, thinking that things will fix themselves, until we realize we have adapted our lives around our issue/s and thus missed out on so much!

Time is most precious, getting unstuck and moving on is even more valuable, I’ve been there and walked the talk!

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