Time for a Personal Growth Quote! 28 May 2020

So, did you practise switching I CAN’T for I COULD in your inner talk? (from my last post).

Did you notice any positive changes?
How hard, or how easy was it?

What new possibilities opened up to you?

After a few days, did you feel any more confident, even if ever so slightly?

If you found it hard, no worries, I understand, habits can be hard to change as they require first of all self-awareness, and then conscious effort, and then repeating it all over again many times over until the new behaviour becomes natural, and this is when a new habit is created.

Unfortunately not many people are willing to invest time and effort in changing their habits, with the consequence of missing out on opportunities and not reaching many of their goals.

This is where working with your unconscious mind can make the job much easier, as it is that part of the mind that can motivate you or sabotage you in your intent, within a split second.

You might find the below links useful or contact me for more information on how I can help.



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