De-stressing effectively is the key to prevent running into stress related issues, both physical and mental health-related and self-hypnosis is the most effective tool to do that as it sends your brain quickly into the Apha state, within a couple of minutes, or even a couple of seconds, once you are used to do some self-hypnosis.



A knot in the throat or a twist in our stomach, feeling hot and sweaty and sometimes even tearful. Ingeniously avoiding situations so we don’t have to feel that way. Enjoying life is a thing of the past; as anxiety expands, life shrinks!



Normally the phobia can be handled by avoiding the object feared or encounters with it, like with the phobia of spiders, rats or snakes, however sometimes the phobia can render our life limited as we are trying to avoid the feelings that, for example, travelling will trigger. This makes for a limited enjoyment of life and can literally hinder us in many ways.



Self-confidence is a very important aspect of a person and when we are lacking it we are missing out on life so much! Lack in self-confidence goes hand in hand with social anxiety but not everyone lacking in self-confidence is also socially anxious.



Being easily triggered, by just a few words or by small things, that we cannot contain our angry feelings, and the best we can do is being snappy if not verbally aggressive, if only… could we smash a wall, then we would feel so much better!


Obsessive Compulsory Disorder

Feeling a compulsion to do something or to carry out a whole ritual repeatedly in order to feel some level of satisfaction and comfort. No amount of will-power is enough to stop this compulsion and no medicine can treat it.


Trauma, Abuse and PTSD

Trauma can only be resolved by working with the part of the mind that was affected by it, because it’s the only part of the mind that can process it and resolve it, and with hypnotherapy we can easily do that, so a good, healthy mental balance is restored once again, and all symptoms caused by the trauma will cease.


Nervous Tics

Nervous tics are involuntary twitching of parts of the face or involuntary vocal sounds or even gestures that we feel a compulsion to carry out regularly, and we are mostly unaware of doing it.



Bereavement is a period of emotional processing  of someone’s death that can last up to two years. There are 5 stages involved in the grief cycle: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.


Grief & Depression

Feeling constantly, deeply sad and for some reason nothing seems to go well, which keeps feeding the loop of depression we are in. Depression’s symptoms vary and can go from a general lack of interest for life and constant low energy to a strong feeling of grief that can last a lifetime.


End of Life

Facing an illness or the end of one’s journey in life is a difficult and daunting experience, as nothing can prepare us  and the people around us to face such a time, which is bound to bring to mind challenging questions on the meaning of life and of one’s existence.

Stop Smoking

The very first thing you need to realise is that you can choose to be smoke-free for the rest of your life. Becoming smoke-free will be easier than you ever previously thought with the help of hypnosis.

Weight Loss

Because a systematic weight-loss is powered by new habits it can be very hard to implement them with just a conscious effort, never mind keeping them up but with hypnosis it is easy to drop your old habits and implement new ones.


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