Time for a Personal Growth Quote! 01 Sep 2020

How happy are you in percentage?
Do you believe that you will be happy in the future?

If you believe you are 40% happy now, what makes you believe that this percentage will be higher in a few months, or in a few years’ time?

What are you doing today to ensure that you will experience more happiness in the future?

Are you just relying on external factors to make you happier?
If so, just realize that in doing so you are giving away your power to be happy to someone or something else!

If you give that power away, you become powerless to be happy! Is that what you really want? Think about it!

You might have already tried to be happier by yourself, or without having to reach a specific goal and you found that it didn’t work, which is why you now see yourself only being happier in the future.

That’s because we have unconscious blocks or unconscious negativity left over from our past experiences which keep us from being happy and grateful the way we are right now.

Have you ever looked at those things inside yourself?
Have you considered how to work with them?
Are you even accepting of the fact that something inside of yourself is preventing you to be happier right where you are? Or do you just put this kind of notions straight to the back of your head (shove them down into the unconscious!) so you don’t have to face yourself because you are afraid of your own feelings and what “might come out”?

You only have one life in this form, make sure you take care of your real Self and start being happier ASAP, without waiting for external things to be better to make you happier, because guess what, nothing ever stays the same but if you are well grounded because you are clear of your unconscious blocks and negativity, external circumstances will have very little power to make you less happy!

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