Time For a Personal Growth Quote! 08 Sep 20

I 100% agree with this. ⁠
Whether be it physical, emotional or spiritual healing, self-development or to recharge at a spiritual level, when you invest in yourself at the very least you become a better person, emotionally, or even you become the person you were supposed to be, as in the case of some type of healing.⁠

I’ve been investing in myself for the last ten years and I would do it all over again, in fact I wish I had started a good couple of years earlier!⁠
Yet I am grateful to have been led to healing and self-development, as probably over 80% of people do not get a chance to find out about that and they keep reacting to life, to the stimuli that trigger them and their behaviour.⁠

That means they keep wading through life without direction, challenge after challenge, and eventually get exhausted and kind of lose hope that things will ever get much better.⁠

And that’s a shame, because everyone should have a chance to come around the other side of challenges stronger and with a better quality of life than before.⁠

Challenges are meant to make us expand, not contract, so our lives can evolve and improve and not the opposite way around!

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