Time for a Personal Growth Quote! 11 Aug 20

We all have experiences of looking aimlessly for something in life going from experience to experience, sometimes without ever finding what we think we are looking for. That’s right, what we “think” we are looking for!

Sometimes we have so much confusion in our head we don’t really know what it is that we want.

We tend to know what we don’t want, but what exactly is it that we want? Take a half an hour to really get in touch with your deeper self asking the question: ‘What do I really want, in my relationship, in my career, in my health, in my spare time etc.’

All the answers are within. The thing is, most of us are scared to go get what we really want because we get influenced by our environment and man has a tendency to please others, by-passing one’s real desires, especially if one is not in touch with them.

If you are suffering for whatever reasons, you will also find all the answers and healing by looking inside. The power of the Treasure House within each and everyone is endless and as such will bring about any kind of healing.

It’s hard to understand until you’ve done the work with your deeper self and once you have experienced that, you will never get distracted again by external, tempting promises, just wasting your hopes.

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