Time for a Personal Growth Quote! 13 Nov 20

I really love this quote, yet I find myself procrastinating taking action sometimes, after making the decision to do something.

How many of you can relate to this?

Isn’t it interesting how I, a hypnotherapist, have to deal with some issues people come to me looking for help with!

Well yes! And I know some of you can be downright surprised by this revelation and maybe even a bit put off, but hold off your horses before jumping to conclusions!

The thing is my mind works just like anyone else’s, and the advantage is in having first of all self-awareness, that more and more people nowadays thankfully have, and then the knowledge of knowing what’s going on with me and why I am procrastinating, and unfortunately not too many people have that.


I can then face my fear of failure and work on past experiences and then either take action straight away (best approach) or make a little strategy and implement it (and I want to stress ‘little’ strategy, otherwise it’s likely to become another way to procrastinate).

So where are you at with taking decisions in your life?

Just one action can change the course of your life, what are you waiting for?

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