Time for a Personal Growth Quote! 14 Aug 20

That’s it!
All source of Life is within: creativity yet to be expressed, solutions yet to be found and nonetheless, the healing you have been looking for.

Simply talking about your issues will not dissolve them and similarly simply listening to someone talking about healing will not make the healing take place inside of yourself.

Only dealing directly with the source of your suffering will dissolve your emotions and with them your symptoms.
The source is found within, and can only be accessed by descending into your deeper mind and communicating with it and deal with the real stuff that in the normal state of awareness is carefully filtered so you don’t actually feel its power.

This is a defense mechanism because we are afraid to feel the pain, good emotions are welcome, but not bad ones; with the result that we spend every single day of our lives in pain, even if somewhat subdued.

Reaching into your darkness brings you on the other side and the deeper you go, the brighter your future!

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