Time for a Personal Growth Quote! 17 Jul 20


Yes I know, as children we are not responsible for the situations we are in, but as adults we are fully responsible for our life. No matter what happened in the past we are responsible for not letting it affect our present and future.

Sometimes though it’s easier said than done because the effects of trauma, such as PTSD, emotional shut-down, depression, will hardly vanish just by thinking positive

Yet thinking positively is a must, as it enable us to find solutions as opposed to keep us in the victimism loop.
Feeling a victim for the rest of our lives will not make our issues any better, ever!

Thinking positive is the very first step to healing and resolution, because it puts us in a frame of mind where everything is possible, even healing from the worst experiences.
And when you are open to infinite possibilities, possibilities will come your to help you in your journey.

It is up to you then to take the chance to heal once and for all. Your life is YOUR responsibility and no one else’s.

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