Time For a Personal Growth Quote! 20 Oct 20

Yet it is easy to get through life on automated pilot and keep going on it even when things are not going well.

We also tend to go with people’s expectations of us, especially our family’s.

Because human beings are very suggestible, we take on people’s expectations from the day we are born and grow up to be totally unaware of the fact that we are probably just making choices on the base of what we believe is true.

What we believe is true stems from what we learnt as kids, and at that age we take for granted that what our family say is true; sure they are the people who take care of us, who care for us and therefore the people we trust most, so why would we doubt their beliefs?

Yet, independent research is extremely important in life, it teaches us to think with our own head and opens up ways that can bring resolutions to our problems where we don’t seem to find one.

If we are incapable of finding a solution to a problem it means we are looking in the wrong direction and we need to expand our research.

We are in control of our affairs, but first we need to become aware of this and in order to exercise our power of choice.

Power of choice means in some instances going against the flow, and even against what we have believed true for 20-30-50 years, but that’s where and when you are likely to find the solution to your problem, because you are opening yourself to opportunities and the Universe always provides.

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