Time for a Personal Growth Quote! 28 Aug 20

This is because what lies within us is what defines our future.⁠

Little matters the fact that what lies within us is the result of experiences over which we had no control at the time.⁠

Ever heard of the Law of Attraction? It states that ‘Like Attracts Like’.⁠
And on the base of this for the past 20 years psychologists, therapists and personal development gurus have fed us the belief that if you think positive you will attract positive and will have an abundant life as a result.⁠

But there is one thing that nobody seems to be aware of: you actually attract what you are, not what you think.⁠

If you are hard-wired for negativity because of your life experiences, no amount of positive thinking will make you attract an abundant life!⁠

I tried positive thinking many times when I was depressed, and although I learned to appreciate the small and few positive things in my life thanks to that, I hardly attracted an abundant life!⁠

But when I transformed my core being by releasing the unconscious negative beliefs, my life changed, because I had changed inside and not just my thinking!⁠

That’s the importance of taking care of what lies within us, it’s unfortunate that not more people realize that.⁠

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