My Reads – Nov 2020

I’m only half way reading my new bible ‘Remarkable Healings’, about how a psychiatrist has helped her patients with Past Life Regression and Spirit Release therapies, but I’ve had to start my new arrival ‘Manual of Psychomagic’ which I have got to help some of my clients in a different way, because I feel a different way would benefit them better than the way I normally do hypnotherapy.

I’ve always liked to to read one book to the end before starting a new one. And push myself to read a book I’ve started even if I find it boring or uninteresting.

For years I didn’t read a single book but since working as a hypno-psychotherapist I somehow find myself reading two or even three books at a time, hungry to know everything I still don’t know about the human mind, what it can do and the infinite possibilities to improve our lives.

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