What’s Balance? – 11 Nov 21

It’s called Balance.

Anything else is not right. Think about it.

1. If you give to an extent that will allow others to use you, you are giving endlessly in an effort to please others in the hope that they like you more, because the perception you have of yourself is that of not being lovable enough.

2. If you love unconditionally, that is without having any standards for yourself thus allowing others to abuse you, you are doing it in an effort to please the other in the hope that they will not leave you. It means your perception of yourself is that you are not worthy and lovable enough for someone to want to be with you regardless of your flaws.

3. If you trust unconditionally, ignoring the red flags or your gut feelings, is because you don’t have standards for yourself. See point 2.

4. If you tend to always listen, without expressing your feelings and your opinions, you have a fear of your opinions and feelings not being worthy to be listened to by others.

First step to recovery: LOVE YOURSELF!

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