Smoking is said to be an addiction. There is nothing furthest from the truth because like any habit, the way it was created, it can be uncreated.

Thinking that you have an addiction is disempowering and as long as you think you have no power over your habit you will keep that habit.

The very first thing you need to realise is that you can choose to be smoke-free for the rest of your life. Becoming smoke-free will be easier than you ever previously thought, with the help of hypnosis.

Whether you are a heavy smoker or a social smoker, whether you smoke tobacco or don’t seem to be able to come off other kinds of smoke, hypnosis will make it easy for you to overcome the urge to smoke and stay smoke-free for the rest of your life, once you have made your decision to be smoke-free.

I do stop-smoking as normal therapy as opposed to the famous 1 session-fix-all approach, which only really has a success rate of about 50% (which however is much higher than any other traditional stop-smoking methods).

This is because the traditional 1 session-fix-all is only a positive suggestions session, but lack the work with different components of the smoking habit.

For example, most smokers couple some of the cigarettes they smoke with other habits, ie. having a cup of tea, or a drink; this needs to be worked on to ensure that new healthy habits can be coupled with the drink, replacing the smoking so your brain will not crave smoking as much, as you give up the cigarettes.

Then every smoker has some emotional experiences attached to the habit and these also need to be worked with and cleared to ensure long lasting success, otherwise when these emotions get triggered you will pick up a cigarette again.

There is plenty of research showing that hypnosis for habit addiction has by far the best results, however if it sounds too good to be true (ie. Stop smoking in one hour!) it probably is!
The facts are that quick-fix sessions rely on positive suggestions and high expectation (placebo effect), which can work wonders with very suggestible people, however research shows that only 20% of people are highly suggestible, 20% are little suggestible and everyone else falls in between; for this reason I do 3-4 one-hour sessions as required on top of an introductory session where we go through your smoking history, your triggers etc.

Remember: “Nothing is Impossible, the word itself says I’M POSSIBLE!”


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