Hypno-psychotherapy / Counselling / Coaching

We all have issues and challenges but sometimes we feel powerless to overcome them and feel our life is controlled by them;
Sometimes we’ve had our issue so long it feels as if we were born with it!
But let me give you some news, nobody was born with emotional issues and the way they were created can be undone with some help!

I can help you discover what's wrong

I am determined to make available to others the very same help that was life changing for me and know can be life changing for anyone

Effective therapy that brings about real change to your emotional state.




Hypnosis is a natural state of the mind in between the awake state and sleep. It is a state of mind relaxation similar to that moment when you drift off to sleep.



Myths and facts. Frequently asked questions about hypnosis and hypnotherpy.


The Hypnotherapy Process

Find out what happens during each therapy session and view a few examples of real life cases.


Therapy is based around each client's individual needs.


Short term goal driven evidenced based therapy.


I have trained with the first and most respected college of clinical hypnotherapy and psychotherapy in Ireland, and I am bound by a strict code of ethics



Please take the time to view some video testimonials from satisfied clients.


Doorway To Freedom

Doorway To Freedom

Shop Now For Downloadable Audios

Have a look at my online shop where you can purchase downloadable MP3 audios. I have a range of audios to assist you with whatever issues you may be having.

Listen to my audios anytime and gradually you will find it sinks in and begins to help you take control of the issue you are having.

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