The Fear Bubble

If you are stuck with fear, regardless of what area of your life is being affected by it, I really recommend this book.

I got it in Aldi’s a few weeks ago for a few Euro and I couldn’t recommend it more!

#Ant Middleton is incredibly courageous (in fact quite crazy in my opinion!) but this doesn’t mean that he has no fear, quite the opposite instead.

He’s simply learned to conquer his fears coming up with a great technique ‘The Fear Bubble’ that is similar to one of the techniques I use with my clients in hypnosis, needless to say it is very effective!

I used to be very courageous myself in my younger years, yet a stable life, achieving basically everything I wanted has made me stuck in my comfort zone and I’m not quite liking this, yet I haven’t been progressing much and this is the book that I really needed at this point my life.

Fear can be all encompassing and if not resolved at the root it will branch out to affect different things and different areas in our lives, however if you’re not in a position to attend a professional or therapy this book will easily change your life when you apply the Fear Bubble technique.

It’s normal for fear to appear when we step outside our comfort zone, but most of the times, unless you find yourself in a real danger zone or in an emergency, you’re not supposed to give into it.

I’m sure most of you has had to go for job interviews at some stage before and who has never felt the stomach tightening, the heart beat racing, the hot flushes etc. yet you pushed through that and had the interview.

What happened at the interview?

After a minute or so if not quicker the anxiety and all its associated sensations settled down and disappeared altogether and probably your performance wasn’t that bad after all.

We should apply the very same principle every time we feel those uncomfortable feelings, go past them, feel the fear and do it anyway (this is actually the title of another book I read) and you’ll see that whatever you are getting yourself into isn’t that bad after all.

The anxiety is an false alarm system in 99% of cases nowadays, master the Fear Bubble technique and start living again!

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